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The Real magic is not in a single pill… It’s in the commitment to a lifestyle makeover! Why? Because Dieters are looking for that “Magic Pill” to instantly melt away pounds… losing weight in the short term, and eventually gaining it all back. FACT: The average person gains 11 pounds for every diet they go on!
Put A STOP To your Yo-Yo  Dieting! 
Let our Expert Trainers help you stick to your Commitment to a Healthy Body
Nutrition is 80% of the Health Equation! Sample Menus Ratios of Fuels Meal Timing Fat & Sugar Myths and Facts Grocery Shopping Tours offered
"Food is a great joy in my life, so I was a little skeptical of any diet.  Don has wonderful suggestions to work it all in. He makes the eating plan simple. His knowledge of what our bodies need to function and what foods will help us reach our personal goals is yours for the asking. My mental capacity, energy levels, workouts and sleep all improved. I've lost 15 pounds and 2 dress sizes, and the weight stays off." - Christy Pollard
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