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Lisa Nielsen
A.C.E. Certified  -  Clinical Exercise Specialist  -  Nutritionist Personal Fitness Trainer “Lisa’s services came as a Mother’s Day gift from my husband, post child #2.  Not only did I reach my post pregnancy goals, but almost 2 years later I continue to use Lisa’s fitness expertise.  I have lost over 6% body fat and ran my first ½ marathon while under her direction.  Lisa inspires me to be fit and is the epitome of all around health and fitness.”        - Steffi Neiman Interests: Mountain Biking, Traveling, A Personal Passion for Wellness & Nutrition.
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Lisa has worked in several facets of the wellness industry for over 22 years. She is a wellness coach, certified as a personal trainer, clinical exercise specialist and nutrition specialist and has degrees in exercise science and public health nutrition.  The owner of "Zen Wellness Coaching" (previously "Zen Fitness and Nutrition") offering wellness coaching programs consisting of mindful movement and fitness training, corrective training and mobility, nutritional coaching, therapeutic cooking and more.  She also hosts weekly outdoor Zen Fitness classes and facilitates several wellness retreats annually. Lisa also specializes in restorative exercise programs for cancer and multiple sclerosis and has a deep passion for educating and inspiring others on how to find a healthy balance in their lives around fitness, nutrition, stress management, and finding peace within. Her other passions include traveling, cooking, music, mountain biking, yoga and spending time with friends.
Call Lisa at 970-903-4369 to schedule an appointment.
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