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Dwayne Perry
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Strength & Conditioning Specialist Functional Strength Coach Collegiate Athletic Coach Group Fitness Instructor "I was at a point in my life that the thought of working out and getting in good physical condition seemed impossible. I hadn't done any running for 15 years, my whole body felt physically weak and I was 20lbs overweight. I made the decision I wanted to change and I started working with Dwayne Perry, and that was when everything really did begin to change for me. I started losing fat and gaining strength. Two months after starting a program with Dwayne I ran a 4 mile race and placed 11th, and I hadn't run a step in 15 years. I lost the 20 lbs of fat and gained muscle and overall body strength, not just in certain areas of my body but a balanced strength involving my entire body. When I was traveling, Dwayne would line me out with realistic workouts for where I was so I could continue to work out. I avoided injury and learned to how work and move my body in a way I'd never known before. Training with Dwayne Perry was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I highly recommend him to anyone." - Ashley S. Interests: Hiking, Meditation, Cooking, Camping, Basketball, Skiing
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