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Amy Wantulok
N. A. S. M. Certified - Personal Fitness Trainer Canadian Mountain Bike Instructor Corrective Exercise Specialist “It is with great satisfaction in writing this letter about Amy.  She was one of my out outstanding students at the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) of Portland.  It has been amazing to watch Amy develop and grow into an extremely qualified fitness professional.  She will help all of her clients move forward and will fit in with people of all demographics and desires.  But most importantly, with our current national health concerns, she demonstrates a strong confidence with weight management and corrective mechanics. She is always smiling and having fun.  Amy has a growth mindset, will continue to educate herself, and will always thrive to be a better professional.”        - Arik Wiest, MS, NASM, Keiser Interests: Ice Hockey, Mountain Biking, Drumming
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